Cleaning -What to Know

We offer services for one time cleans, weekly, biweekly, monthly and custom rotations.  Services range from basic cleaning to full service home and organizational care to post construction, post party and move out cleans. 

All services are charged based on time and the hourly rate is dependent on the service you select. First time cleans require a 4 hour minimum with a 3 hour minimum for all future cleans.

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Residential & Commercial Cleaning

Bronze Cleaner                       $40/hr            
This rate is for the person who prefers more of a surface clean and isn’t concerned about the nitty gritty on a regular basis. We’ll do some dusting, a vacuum, floor wash, of course the bathrooms and the kitchen and whatever else we (or you) think needs some attention.
Silver Cleaner                         $45/hr             
Silver clean is for the person who wants to get a little deeper into the details.  This person has a decent amount of experience with an overall rating from clients of over 8 out of ten. They work hard and fast, aim to impress. They are better known for communcating with clients to ensure the client is getting the services they want. 
Gold Cleaner                           $55/hr             
This rate gets you our most experienced and highly trained Home Care Specialist. This cleaner not only takes care of the cleaning but looks to take care of the home. From included organization services to details such as laundry and more. 

Please note, for higher end homes with higher quality finishes, we do require you to book the Silver or Gold level of service.

Platinum Cleaning Services     $80/hr

Our Platinum services go beyond the typical call for home cleaning and tidying – think of us as more of a personal assistant than a cleaner.  With this level of service comes Canadian all natural cleaning products, from Nellie’s and Saje. Platinum includes full laundry services including, wash, dry, fold and put away, along with dry cleaning drop off and pick up. You’ll receive organization services and routine cleaning inside cabinets along with semi-annual carpet cleaning and indoor plant care. You’ll receive your choice of fresh flowers or a new candle each clean. We’ll take care of shoveling your walkway and front and back steps in the winter and water your outdoor plants and flowers in the summer.  Additional custom services are also available or example, minimal grocery shopping, pre and post party set up and clean up, lawn mowing, house sitting, scheduling of window cleaning and more – just ask!

Post Party Cleaning                 $45-$60/hr             
“You’re a little hung over…maybe a tad tipsy”
This service is for large hosted events like weddings, birthday parties, home parties and more. For event tear down and cleanup between 7 pm – 2 am arrival the rate is $60 per hour. For post party clean up between 7 am – 7 pm arrival the rate is $45 per hour. 


Move Out/In Cleaning            $45/hr             
 “You just moved, enough said!”

We know moving is stressful enough and you either want that damage deposit back or you need to leave your sold home in a respectful condition, because you know you’d hate to move into a dirty home yourself – karma is real!

Office Cleaning                       $45/hr            
“Pretty sure you’re busy enough”
Whether you’re looking to impress your clients who visit your office or store or you’re just wanting to work in a clean workspace for you and your employees, we can take care of your cleaning needs. Available to schedule cleanings during closed business hours. We offer a 3 month trial rate of $40 per hour.

Curious about pricing for your specific space?  Click below to view estimates based on service level and home size.

Maid Maintenance

Tidy Technicians

Tired of dishes always piling up, never ending laundry, keeping your floors clean, and deciding who’s turn it is for chores? We want to help with your sanity and relationship with your spouse, children, fur baby and well your relationship with yourself. Let’s face it, cleaning your home (or having someone do it) is great and needed but that day to day tidying can drive you crazy and eats up so much time that could be better spent enjoying your home or loved ones. And with more and more people working from home a tidy environment is not only essential for better focus but a tidier space is also a cleaner more healthy space for you and your loved ones.


You can schedule one of our Tidy Techs as many days of the week that you’d like. Scheduling a regular rotation is recommended but not required. To ensure the time requested is maximized, it’s best to leave a list or let us know ahead of time what you would like your tidy tech to focus on. Please note that with this service we provide minimal cleaning supplies, such as multi-purpose cleaner and our own cloths. We will always try to get you the same tidy tech as they will become more efficient as they get to know you and your home!


  • 1 Hour Tidy Tech                                   $50
  • 1.5 Hour Tidy Tech                                $70
  • 2 Hour Tidy Tech                                  $80   
  • 2.5 Hour Tidy Tech                               $90                                                                                        
  • Laundry (launder, fold, hang)
  • Dishes (load, unload, hand wash, dry, put away)       
  • Vacuum
  • Sink & mirror wipe down
  • Toilet bowl clean
  • General Tidy (beds, toys, fluff pillows, pick up/organize) 

Post Construction Cleaning

New Build/Renovation Cleaning                     $50/hr             
This service provides full interior detailed cleaning of custom homes and single use office spaces. We will clean in interior windows if needed as well as power washing of exterior windows. For higher windows and light fixtures, the builder must provide ladder or scaffolding. Please contact us directly for inquiries or bid requests.
Single/Multi Family Cleaning                  
Projects with 10 or more similar style and size of home will be quoted as price per square foot. Completed services will be agreed upon in the scope of work and listed in the contract agreement. Please contact us directly for inquiries or bid requests.
High/Low Rise Commercial Cleaning                      $0.12-$0.25/sqft             

Commercial office spaces, both high rise and low rise will be quoted as price per square foot. Completed services will be agreed upon in the scope of work and listed in the contract agreement. Please contact us directly for inquiries or bid requests.